Friends, Fun and Food

It’s not ALL work. Many of the reporters who attended my earlier training have become like family. My “kids” met me at the Palm Deck, a popular restaurant and hangout near TVM. During the past two years they have grown into young adults. Going from left to right, Huzam and Jay Dee are still working on the English desk at TVM. Thuhufa is preparing to study law in Australia next year. Zaima just started a new job in a travel agency. Most of our talk centered on my son Andrew, who came to Maldives with me two years ago and worked on the English desk. Sometimes the best public diplomacy takes place over coffee in a restaurant and not in a workshop! Andrew sent his regards from Bucharest where he is an intern with the US Commercial Service. Check out his blog at
Although I don’t much care for chewing betelnut, I’m enjoying the traditional Maldivian “short eats” which are pastry pockets filled with spicy tuna or chicken. The sweet variety, especially the “milk cake” is yummy.