A boutique hotel

My home in Male is a new hotel called the Boutique Inn. You can see my window on the third floor. It’s converted from a former guest house, the low-cost lodging favored by islanders visiting the capital. The new hotel has AC, hot water and an extremely capable manager, Umair, from the southern island of Addu. The hot water in my room isn’t working, so I’m showering in a nearby room until it is fixed. I actually have TWO offices here, in the information ministry and the college, but I can get a lot done in my room or the lobby because of the free wifi. The best part of staying here is the delicious Maldivian breakfast featuring masuni, a tasty mixture of tuna, coconut, onions and chili peppers. It is eaten by hand with tortilla-like pancakes called “roshi” and served with a pancake-style omelet and fresh fruit. Yum!
By the way, there is also a swimming pool on the roof and if the weather ever clears up I plan to check it out. Update: hot water fixed! Thanks Umair.