More stimulating talk radio!

It’s a yucky, rainy Saturday night, and I’m getting ready to go to work at 9:30 pm. Working the weekend overnights is part of my training to join the well trained SWAT team known as KFI news. Spending time in this newsroom reminds me why I love radio. It’s creative and conversational. Nothing but me, the microphone, the computer and the listeners on “the most listened-to talk station in America.” News director Chris Little is taking a chance on this TV person and has shown a lot of patience in helping me conquer the board. The last time I worked in radio, at KABC and the former KTZN, I didn’t really have to mess with all those buttons. Way back when I did morning drive with Glenn Beck at KPWR-FM in Houston, it was just a matter of writing the cast and reading it. Now I have to make sure I get all the right signals from the always helpful board ops and the folks in the traffic center. I’ve got to make sure the right actualities and music beds roll at the right time, at the right level.
When I’m teaching overseas, I’ve noticed that radio is just as important as television and brushing up my skills will make me a better teacher.
Update: I survived the overnights and now have a regular Saturday morning shift during Handel on the Law. Listen for me at the top and bottom of the hour from 6 to 11:30 am. I can also be heard on KOGO-AM in San Diego.
See you on the radio!