Help a Street Pooch

It’s truly a dog’s life on the streets of Sri Lanka. People think you are weird if you try to take pictures of them, so here’s one from across the street opposite the Buddhist temple. Most look like they haven’t missed too many meals because people “adopt” them and feed them, or they pick through the trash piles. Even the soldiers appeared to have adopted strays near checkpoints. And many Sri Lankans have dogs who are pampered housepets.
However, some of these animals are in truly pitiful condition. And unless somebody starts a serious spay and neuter program there will only be more of them. It was good to see that the posh Odel department store has a whole line of merchandise to raise money to help. I couldn’t resist one of the cute t-shirts, a bargain by US standards at only $8. Unfortunately, although the store was busy with shoppers, not many were looking or buying here. I’ll bet this stuff would fly off the shelves in the US! Wonder if they sell it over the internet?