Out of India (whew!)

After six hours in lockdown and then two more in an awful public waiting area, I got a break when the SriLankan Airlines flight left early. You can get some idea of the signage… my flight is the middle one. I got a tiny glimpse of Chennai (formerly known as Madras) that looked like this.
Good thing they appear to be building a new terminal… they need it!A young gentleman from Sri Lankan Airlines ushered me through security where they gave me the full treatment… patting down, scanning, opening my carry-on bag because they didn’t like the looks of my Terry Anzur coaching services promotional pens. Then the security guy called the agent back because my boarding pass didn’t say “transit,” so they wrote it on there with a pen and that was it. Here’s hoping I can come back to India someday under better circumstances.Kicker to the story: when my checked bag arrived in Colombo it was entirely covered with shrink wrap and crushed! I don’t know who wrapped it and why, and maybe they were trying to do me a favor since the bag wasn’t locked during all those hours in limbo. It also had a tag that said “Mishandled baggage.” No kidding!