Trojan Family Network

As a former faculty member and proud mom of a USC presidential scholar, I often hear about the global outreach of the Trojan Family. You can see it in action on the Face to Face trip. Jide Alade, managing director of Structura Casa, is a USC alum who is en route to Nigeria to sell low-cost concrete residential housing. Amazing that I have to go to London to meet someone from the San Gabriel Valley!
I wish my son Andrew could have been here for tonight’s business forum, with valuable advice from the Boeing UK president Sir Roger Bone and Edelman Consulting president Michael Morely, author of a book on Global Business Branding. More on that event in the next post.Andrew, meanwhile is working hard on his courses and coming home on the weekends to wash his car, among other things. He’s looking for an international business who can take him on as an intern for six weeks this summer. He’s already planning a winter break with the Global Business Brigades consulting small businesses in Panama. I can hardly wait to see where his Trojan adventures in global business will take him next.