Reflections on 2008

Here’s a scene from my final coaching trip of the year to Calgary. It’s a town that takes hard news seriously and there’s plenty of it. Somewhere in the back of this snowy shot you can see the skyline.

What a year for Terry Anzur Coaching Services, from wintry Canada to sunny Spain and the island paradise of Maldives! On Christmas Eve I’m grateful for all the fantastic people I’ve met on my travels, new clients and longtime friends alike. Former USC students came of age, buying houses or finally landing that dream job in their hometown. Meantime, the economy has been tough on friends who lost their jobs, despite years of experience. It’s definitely a mixed bag.
The new year will bring a new relationship for me and Smith Geiger. While I will continue to freelance as a talent coach for their client stations, I will have a lot more freedom to provide custom coaching packages for other stations as well.
The big challenge for everyone is to work smarter in this tough economy and do more with the resources that we have. It’s easy to get started on your custom coaching package at to make your talent the best in the business. With our competitive rates and 2009 discounts it’s more affordable than you think.