Obama Fever!

I don’t blog about some of my coaching clients because there are confidentiality agreements involved, which I take very seriously. However, my travels give me an opportunity to make some fun observations along the way.On the streets of Washington DC, it feels like Barack Obama is already the president, even though the inauguration is more than a month away. This cardboard cutout was at Reagan National Airport. No Bush t-shirts to be had anywhere and the only souvenirs bearing the current president’s image were packages of “Dum Gum” and “Embarrass-mints.” The Obama t-shirts didn’t seem to be selling very briskly, but I am sure that will change as we get closer to the big day. However, only a few shirts were left with the slogan “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain-Palin.” I guess the Republicans are stocking up as they turn over most of the power to the Democrats. After my experiences in an emerging democracy, it was especially exciting to be in the capital city during this peaceful transfer of power. There is an almost electric energy in the air, mixed with concern about how the nation will ride out the economic downturn.