Law and Order

Two days before signing the new constitution, Maldives took action to make sure that law and order would be preserved on the streets during the transition to the new system of government. The president signed the police bill, which some have criticized because it gives the police new powers. There are also some new rights for citizens which will be further clarified in future bills on justice and criminal procedure.TVM had live coverage of the president signing the bill, and then a live shot from the swearing in ceremony for the 2500 police officers in the country. It was amazing to see the sea of blue shirts. The cops came in shifts so there would be a constant police presence in the streets. Similar ceremonies were held in the atolls. Ziyaa did an awesome job with the live reports and Iqbal organized the shoot as field producer. He has much to teach his colleagues at TVM because of his skills from the VIP unit and it was a pleasure to work with him in the field.

We also worked with a talented media officer from the police force who made it possible for us to speak with rank and file officers about the changes. I wish I knew his name so I could commend him as an example for all government public relations staff!