Meet the (Maldivian) Press

After the huge success of launching “Maldives Afternoon,” Gary Ponticiello is putting together another joint production of news and programming: a weekly political interview show. He is showing the producers an episode of “Meet the Press” and breaking it down to show how the hosts and guests are addressing the important issue of the day.
The host (Mohamed Shakir Abdulla,on the right) is from the current affairs deparrtment of VOM radio. He has experience, hosting a TV talk show that was called 10 to 11 because it was on from 10 to 11 pm. But that show was mostly devoted to the personalities of the guests. For example, the police chief would come on to talk about his boyhood adventures on his home island, but not respond to questions about police issues. As one TVM producer put it,”If they think there will be tough questions, they won’t come.”
This country is a little over two months away from the deadline for electing a president. I hope we can lay the groundwork for a program where the candidates will discuss the issues facing this country and face tough questions about their plans for solving problems that range from the economy to illegal drug use.