Before and After

These before and after pictures don’t tell the whole story of Heena Waleed. On the inside she is a true journalist with the courage to ask tough questions and tell compelling stories.

It has been a pleasure watching her grow into a true managing editor of the prime time 8 pm news and 8:30 interview program. She’s had to withstand some jealousy from others who wanted the job, but at the end of the day everyone agrees that no one works harder or deserves it more.

Heena has achieved all of this with only a 10th grade education and at this point in her career this 28 year old would benefit from some higher level education in journalism. She has risen to the top anchor position on a national broadcast through her own initiative. Is there an American j-school out there that would be willing to invite her as a visiting scholar? I hope so.
Today is the last time on this trip that we will make the rundown together, but I hope we’ll be friends and colleagues for life.