Teaching at the Pump

MyUSC students, who remember the famous live shot class at the gas station, will appreciate this post. Gasoline is heavily subsidized by the government here but sells for about 10.30 rufiyaa a liter or about $3.20 a gallon. With oil now going for over $110 a barrel USD on the world markets, the State Trading Organization says it will have no choice but to raise the price soon. This is a predictable and easy story, so I took the new reporter Ali to the gas station with Heena. The idea is to teach Heena how to teach the new hires when I’ve gone back to the US. This was Ali’s first attempt at a package after about a week of training. He struggled for 20 minutes to deliver the most basic standup bridge and hesitated to approach people for interviews, but he got the job done and the next time is sure to be easier, I hope.
Update: Ali was unable to put the package together and Heena turned it into a VO SOT.