Two Steps Forward

Updating the earlier “Two Steps Backward” post, I can say that Sunday night’s program was filled with “real people” and stories about issues people care about. We didn’t simply report the press release about all of the National Day activities in Male being cancelled due to rainstorms in the forecast. We went out into the streets and interviewed people who spent time putting up decorations or bringing their kids to the event, only to have no activities and no rain either.
An outstanding piece by Ziyab showed how some people are tossing plastic bags and other kinds of trash into the ocean without regard to the damage being done to the environment, and the failure of efforts to promote alternatives to plastic bags. Rilwan explored the rising crime statistics by interviewing the Attorney General, but also getting opinions of ordinary people who fear the rise in crime. Let’s see if we can keep this good journalism going!
Saturday night we actually led with weather! We found a flooded street in front of the police station and it made for some great video of cars, motorcycles and people sloshing through the water.
One area for improvement: some of the packages missed their slot by as much as 20 minutes. Let’s get everyone into the editing rooms earlier so the packages will be done on time.