Reporter Job interviews

This post goes out with a special dedication to all my US college students who face the humiliating task of sending out their resume tapes to compete for scarce job openings as entry-level reporters. There are hundreds of applicants for each job at American local TV news stations.
Here, we struggle to find someone with enough curiosity about the world to be trained as a reporter. We interviewed all of the people who sent in resumes in reponse to our on-air “help wanted” ad. They ranged in age from 16 to 19 and had only a tenth grade education. Most could barely speak above a whisper and froze when asked what they might say on TV if asked to report in front of a building that was on fire. I felt sorry for the shy tsunami survivor who came all the way from a remote island to answer our questions with embarrassed silence. But there was one hot prospect… 17 year old Ali. The stocky teen responded with a smile when asked if he would be willing to pose a tough question to his island chief, “Yes of course, if I needed the information!” He says being the atoll reporter from his island would be his dream job and I hope we will be able to make this dream come true.

Update: More good interviews — with a businessman from one of the outlying islands. He nailed the imaginary standup in front of the burning building. But the real stunner was a young lady who aced the fire report and even signed off with her name. We can’t hire her right now BECAUSE SHE HASN’T FINISHED THE TENTH GRADE YET.