Super producer

Good producers are hard to find, but we have Hafsey. He is doing a great job working with Shifla on the 7am and 10 am news. At TVM the producer is also the director, calling the shots to the button-pushing technical people (nearly always women) in the first row. Until now, they just tried to memorize the rundown of the show and peek at the teleprompter to see what was next if they forgot. This led to a lot of “control room chaos” (see earlier post).

Hafsey is one of the producers who is now marking the script and he makes the right calls in the booth. The show moves much faster because we are not sitting on silent video while the anchor stops reading and the producer figures out what’s next. Big improvement!

The sad thing is that Hafsey is also the top sports reporter at TVM. He is not available to do sports because he is getting up early to produce the morning shows. I hope we can get more producers trained quickly so that Hafsey can be where his heart is… in sports!