Reality TV?

One insider told me there is “a love-hate relationship” between the TV programming and news departments. Now that we are making some positive changes in the newscasts, programming is wondering when we will get around to training them. We are a three member team and can only stretch so far, so we have permission to bring in a programming show doctor to join our program. The typical newscast lead-in is likely to be something like the show pictured above, called “How to Recite the Holy Koran.” School children are taught to recite verses in Arabic and they actually have national competitions.
There will always be a certain amount of religious programming on the state TV and radio stations, but there is also need for reality-based programs addressing issues of interest in the country in an informative way. There is also a daily talk show that runs in the morning and is rerun in the afternoon. One idea is following a real case of domestic violence all the way from the initial response to the final result in the justice system. They need creative input on HOW to do it.