Designing Women

This is the fun part of the job.
It’s hard to find women’s business attire in the local stores, and most of the female newscasters have just one or two dark-colored jackets that don’t fit well. Others wear more traditional costumes with splashy prints and patterns that are distracting on TV.
A local designer is going to create a look for our female talent. Shamla is a former set designer for TVM who now has a booming business making custom wedding dresses. A custom jacket will probably cost around 250 rufiyaa, or less than $25. We also get to select the fabric and colors. We went to the shop together to be measured but won’t be able to select the colors until we know the background color for the new and improved set. I’m also having a jacket made. At these prices I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a custom fit! I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Two of the four ladies wear the traditional head scarf or burugaa, which drapes across the chest and looks bunchy on TV. Shamla will design a professional-looking scarf that will complement the jackets. We are including both women who wear it and women who don’t, reflecting the diversity within the viewing audience.