Creative programming

TV chief Ali Khalid told us that after the tsunami in 2004, TVM stayed on the air live for 22 days straight. Since then, the regular broadcast day was increased to 18 hours. Ali watched Al Jazeera and other networks for ideas and is filling the schedule with some interesting stuff.
In this picture, Ali is sitting in a type of swing that is traditionally used by the local chiefs on the atolls when conducting their business. The host of TVM’s morning show sits in this swing, but they have to tell him not to actually swing so it’s not too distracting. Ali says the swing was built as a prop for a trade show promoting jobs on the resort islands and the owner didn’t have a place to store it, so it became part of their set.
On the right is a key member of our team, Bob Andresen, my dear friend and former producer at WBBM-TV. You’ll be hearing a lot more about him.
Ali created another show that features a rotating panel of Islamic scholars — academics in secular dress, not the bearded imams — discussing such topics as proper dress and Muslim culture. “Crossfire” meets Dr. Phil with a religious focus.