TV News Directors: Budget for Talent Coaching in 2017

2016 has been a year like no other in TV news. Many stations still aren’t sure how the political ad spending will work out in this crazy election cycle. Other stations have gone through sales or mergers. Some station groups have offered buyouts to senior talent, meaning that the A team is about to leave the building and the B team has to step up quickly. If you have a new set, talent coaching can help your storytellers master new technology to reach new audiences.

It’s that time of year when news directors sharpen their pencils to figure out the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It’s also a great time to contact me for a price quote on a custom talent coaching package. It’s more affordable than you may think!

Terry Anzur Coaching Services is a one-woman company with a limited client list and low overhead. You don’t have to buy into an expensive research package to get coaching services. With your permission, I’ll work with your existing research and/or consultants to help your talent put the findings up on the screen — and to make sure talent gets a consistent message about their target areas for improvement.  A talent coach can introduce “best practices” in areas that sometimes lead to uncomfortable conversations for a manager, such as appearance or voice quality. I take confidentiality very seriously.

Talent coaching can be a great investment in your  on-air talent, from the most senior anchors and meteorologists to the newest MMJ. Before choosing a talent coach, ask: does the coach have actual on-air experience as well as teaching experience? Terry offers a unique combination of major-market on-air and university-level teaching experience. Let’s start a conversation that will take your newsroom’s power performance to the next level.