A tour of the new

Starting today, has a brand new look.

First, a new company logo, selected in a worldwide competition on The
winning artist, from Colombia in South America, captured the idea of power
performance and star quality in global media.

The new design helps bring you updated news items more frequently and connect you
to the latest posts from the Terry Anzur Coaching Blog. If you’re a faithful
reader of the old blog, you can still access the posts from my media adventures
in the Maldives and Sri Lanka, as well as my RIAS fellowship to Berlin, Cologne
and Brussels in 2010. I also comment on media issues of the day that affect
talent performance.

The media coaching tab in the upper right hand corner is your one-stop-shopping
location for all of the media training and performance coaching services that I

-coaching for anchors, reporters, commentators, weather presenters and hosts in TV and
online video;

-media training for journalists and public relations practitioners in emerging

-on-camera training for media spokespersons;

-individual coaching and tape critiques.

You can also link to a special discount price on the book that I have co-authored
with Tony Silvia: “Power Performance: Mutlimedia Storytelling for
Journalism and Public relations.

For the first time, the site features teaching videos on topics such as voice
quality, storytelling and preparing for an interview. A custom coaching package
will help you apply these tips to your own media performance. Of course, you
can still see some of my work in TV news, voiceover and radio. In addition to
being a teacher, I’m still very much a working journalist.

Whether you got here on a client referral or through an internet search, welcome! I
hope you like what you see and I look forward to working with you to design
coaching or media training that meets your needs and your budget. Please
contact me with any questions or comments.